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Zhejiang Andong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Electric Hot Plate, Electric Pizza Pan, Air Fryer, Gas Charcoal Heater, Electric Grill
Ranked #1 on-time delivery in Induction CookersODM services availableFinished product inspectionOn-site material inspectionSample-based customization
Andong is your manufacturer, Your best partner.
Any project related to small kitchen appliances,
we can do it together.
one-stop customized R&D service.
2020 Andong Review Conference
《Thanksgiving night》
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Electric hot plate
Charcoal burner
Gas heater & Cooker
Camping Griddles & Grill Pans
Electric pizza pan
Multifunctional pan
Electric grill
2 in 1 BBQ & Hot Pots
Electric oven
Air fryer
Basket deep fryer
AnDong Brand
Andong industries
Andong has six parts processing factories, More than 95% of the whole machine parts are produced by ourselves
Independent R & D
mold development
Professional R & D team, ODM Provide sample development, drawingt development, Technical team 20-50 people
Patent application
Original product patent in hand,
High tech industry leader factory.
Machinery equipment
Andong has hundreds of production equipment,2 automatic spraying and painting equipment, And all kinds of testing machines and equipment
Patent certificate